The Myths Of A One-Time Website Pricing

Let’s be realistic about your business website’s purpose before you jump into online marketing.

There are a lot of web design companies that charge $10,000 – $30,000 for a custom-designed website.

The real problem is what happens after it’s launched and not maintained. Your website will go stale and die in the search engine rankings.

Any hope of having your online ATM bringing you thousands of leads and sales per day is never going to happen.

Your online business website is a living breathing machine and must be maintained, updated, and expanded on regular bases.

You will find offers for complete websites for a one-time cost of anywhere between $50 and $10,000. But there’s a lot of information held back they’re not telling you…

If you truly are looking to generate more sales and leads using a business website you will have to plan for the recurring costs as your website grows in favor of the search engines to rank it and bring in a positive ROI.

What Is Really Your Best Option To Having A Great Business Website At The Most Affordable Cost?

Many Business owners start by trying to build their own websites to quickly find out it’s a nightmare just to build a basic website.

Then the task becomes a time-consuming monster that never gets built. How much is your time worth spending on your business doing what you make money at? We hear it all the time “I wish I found you a long time ago” I wasted a year trying to build a website on my own.

If you’re tech-savvy, it’s possible to manage certain parts of the website on your own. However, your time is valuable and you can’t be certain things are done correctly 100% of the time.

Why Our Company Believes In A Monthly Pricing Model

Our many years of experience have shown us most small businesses can handle a flat monthly rate plan. So we decided to step up to do the majority of the work without charging the huge set fees to your website up and running.

The long-term goal is to use our skills and knowledge to turn your website into a lead-generation machine that you can’t live without. You’ll also never have to worry about support. We build and manage everything for you, without any unexpected fees. It’s in our best interest to keep you as a lifetime customer.

A Simplistic Approach To Your Website Solution

Our monthly plans allow us to manage the tech for you and get to the end results. We understand you should focus on your business just like we do on ours. You pick the plan and give us your specific contact information we request from you and we do the rest.

Subscription Pricing Without The Typical Downsides

We offer a problem website solution that is unmatched in our industry. You reap the full rewards of the lead generation your website produces. No huge upfront costs and Very affordable robust websites completely done for you with no hassles. Rest assured the rate you pay when you start is the rate you’ll continue to pay. We don’t play the introductory pricing bait-and-switch game. We’re a small business too, and being able to offer a fair solution for other small businesses is why we do what we do.

How to Choose an Affordable Website Designer

It is possible to get the most from your website by hiring an affordable web designer. Your website is the virtual equivalent of your shop or business office, and it must immediately capture the attention of your visitors. You can create a lasting impression on your visitors and help them become paying customers by having a solid team. It should be a pleasant experience to navigate through your website. You will need to decide what kind of services your website provides.

Website design costs

Using a cheap website design company may seem like a good option for your online business. However, you should consider that it can be just as costly as hiring a professional web designer. You must know your audience before you can design a website. Website design agencies that are affordable don't usually have content managers. This means you must write all the content. Or, submit your content online and the website design company will make the pages.

A website design costs can run from $200 to several thousand. It is also worth considering the ongoing cost for web hosting or domain name registration. The annual cost of web hosting and domain registration can easily reach $1500. Before you decide on a budget, it is worth getting multiple estimates. The cost of website development and design can also vary by region.

Since the beginning of twenty-years website design has been cheaper. To build websites previously, web developers had to manually input HTML code. This was a time-consuming process that cost many thousands of dollars and took several hours. An inexpensive website with five pages could cost up to $5,000. Now there are many websites available that use popular themes and can be customized to your liking. Because web designers don't need to spend so much time creating websites, they can make them affordable.

You can expect to pay hundreds or thousands for a content revamp of a website. This will depend on how hard the job is done and how proficient the designer. A new website designer can improve the content on your website, but it can be time-consuming and expensive. There are other options. Some website builders offer free plans, while others charge as little as $5 a month.

No matter how inexpensive the website design, it is important to understand its limitations. A majority of website builders are inexpensive, but they don't offer much customization. This makes it difficult for small business owners. They may also be unstable and might not work well for your business. Additionally, they aren't optimized for SEO, so make sure you do your own optimization to maximize the benefits of your website.

The cost of a website builder

Consider the most important features when searching for an affordable website designer. Some affordable website builders offer free trial plans or premium subscriptions that include premium features. You can choose between an all-in-one platform like Squarespace or WordPress, depending on what you need.

Some web builders offer no-cost plans. Others offer premium subscriptions. You can choose from the most inexpensive plan, which costs $4/mo. This includes all necessary tools such as unlimited bandwidth or disk space. The premium subscriptions provide 24/7 support, unlimited disk space, and email marketing solutions.

One of the benefits affordable website builders offers is that they offer basic security features. Many website builders offer protection from malware scanning and DDoS protection. Some of these options are completely free and others require a $300 annual fee. You can ask your web design to incorporate these features into their price quote if you want to use them.

GoDaddy is another excellent option for people looking for an affordable web builder. While GoDaddy is not the cheapest option, its professional plan is inexpensive for the first year. Moreover, it provides a good combination of features and user-friendliness. GoDaddy's basic plan for small businesses is great.

Weebly is another affordable website builder. Square is the owner of this website builder. This makes Square a good option for eCommerce. This service offers simple templates, which can be separated into different categories. In addition, it supports a variety of projects, including blogs, portfolios, and landing pages. You will also save $15 annually on domain registration costs by getting a free domain.

In contrast, a custom website design can cost anywhere from $5,000 to $10,000. It includes initial setup, design, content creation, and training. You may also need to pay ongoing domain name registration fees, website hosting, or site maintenance costs. These can easily reach $1500 annually.

Website video content cost

If you're considering putting video content on your website, you need to decide how much you're willing to spend on the project. It is possible to either directly hire a production firm or outsource the project through an intermediary. Some agencies may have video production capabilities in-house, while others outsource this work to outside companies. The cost of hiring a production company will depend on your needs, but you should expect to pay anywhere from 10% to 30% more for a video than it would if you did it yourself.

Length of the video is a major factor when deciding the cost of production. A thirty-second commercial is more expensive than a 30-second talking head video. But if your video is longer than 30 seconds it may cost you more. It is fine to make a video that lasts less than 30 seconds since the attention span of an audience decreases quickly after just one minute.

A great way to get more brand engagement is through social media. Video encourages interaction with clients and viewers, as well as sharing. This can help you website appear on the first-page search engine results. It will also make your site more visible to a larger audience. Make sure you properly tag all videos. Also, include a thumbnail that grabs attention.

A website's video production cost can differ widely. An experienced production company can charge more for well-produced videos that help promote your products or services. A high-quality video is key to maximizing exposure for your site.

Your existing assets could be reused to reduce costs. Using video assets from other projects can cut costs on video marketing by as much as 30%. The video production cost is not the only expense. Storyboarding and photography on location can also be time-consuming.

Designing responsive websites is expensive

The cost of a responsive website can be prohibitive. It will cost money to design a responsive website. You will need to spend money on the design. But, a responsive website can increase revenue, authority, and trust for your company. You can expect to see a return on investment within 6-12 months, or even up to one year depending on what your business does. Why not spend on a professional website designer? After all, a professional web designer understands the value of his or her work and knows how to sell it to the public.

Your business will benefit from responsive web design because more customers access the internet via mobile devices. It's one of the most pressing issues in the business today. Therefore, it is important that all users can access your website. Many people aren't aware of the true cost of a responsive website. OTM created a list that will help you estimate the cost for a responsive website.

Responsive web design costs more than the traditional design. Responsive design requires a more collaborative process. Responsive projects are not like traditional waterfall-style processes. They require close collaboration and iteration to be successful. Iteration will help the team work through difficult design issues.

A website design company can charge anywhere from $5,000 to $20,000. For a basic website of five to ten pages, this price range is reasonable. You can expect prices to rise with site growth, although you will pay more for more features. But, don't be discouraged if your budget is lower than that. Even if your budget is tight, you can still have a responsive website design. You may have problems down the road with time and efficiency.

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